Hiring App for Android

SmartRecruiters Android AppThe Hiring App offers a personalized feed called the HireLoop, which keeps managers and recruiters informed and connected with both hiring teams and candidates on the go and in real time. The Hiring App allows hiring managers and recruiters to:

Gain insights into a hiring activity in real time Access and share full candidate profiles and resumes as they come in Rate and review candidates on the go Collaborate with hiring team members during the entire review process Review feedback and ratings on each candidate as they happen Engage directly with candidates via multiple channels such as SMS, phone or social channels and schedule interviews Reject candidates that don’t fit

The SmartRecruiters’ crew is thrilled to extend our mobile recruiting capabilities to the Android community. We all know the importance of being mobile in today’s working world and this app helps our customers quickly grab the attention of top talent. In addition, the successful release of our iPhone Hiring App, we are delighted to respond to our growing customer community who asked for this Android Hiring App.

SmartRecruiters Hiring App is available to download for free in the Google Play Store. First time SmartRecruiters users can create an account at www.smartrecruiters.com.

Learn more about the SmartRecruiters Hiring App for Android today.