A better way to onboard your employees
Appical powers the world’s best employee experiences by making it easy for you to create workflows, build employee journeys and improve connections while providing you with the data you need to make better decisions.

Our solution

Appical is the simple and effective platform for onboarding, engaging and retaining your employees. Our Plug-and-play SaaS solution with native iOS & Android app, focuses on creating engaging employee experiences, getting people faster productive, culturally integrated and aligned with protocols. We offer:

1. Pre-boarding: Start before the first working day, so new employees will arrive on day 1 better prepared
2. Onboarding: Involve your new employees quickly and successfully with your organization!
3. Offboarding: Retain knowledge, collect feedback and build on lasting relationships with former employees

Our USP’s

  • Mobile first
  • Focus on engagement
  • Thought leader & first mover
  • Proven track record
  • ROI Driven
  • Adaptable & customizable
  • Plug & play


  • 30+ content templates
  • Blueprints: learn from the best in onboarding
  • Manager toolkit: follow new hire’s journey & progress
  • HR Forms: say goodbye to paperwork
  • Messaging: communicate directly in the Appical app
  • Onboarding Checklists
  • Digital signing
  • Customizable push notifications

Security & Privacy

  • We transfer and store your data via AES256, meaning your data is safe at all times. We store your data in a AWS region to your preference.
  • Advanced security features: SSO (SAML 2.0), 2FA, configurable password policies, tailored administrator roles
  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • ISO27001 Certified

Appical & SmartRecruiters

Appical is now fully integrated in the Smartrecruiters platform so you can offer your candidates a seamless and engaging onboarding experience through Appical, based on a pre-defined trigger in Smartrecruiters. Watch our explainer video to learn more: