Give your new hires a flying start
Maybe you need help to get your new employees up and running as quickly as possible. Perhaps you are drowning in paperwork. Or you are struggling with employee engagement and retention. Either way, onboarding can help.

The onboarding platform of Appical empowers companies worldwide to unlock the full potential of their employees. With our platform, you can create engaging onboarding experiences, starting before the first day of work. This will set your new hires up for a successful and productive start.


Appical guides new hires through every onboarding phase
The most successful onboarding programs include the following phases: preboarding, onboarding, and offboarding. Appical assists in each and every one of those phases:

1. Preboarding: Start before the first working day so that new employees will be better prepared on day 1
2. Onboarding: Allow your new hires to reach their full potential quicker!
3. Offboarding: Retain knowledge, collect feedback and build lasting relationships with former employees

How does the onboarding platform work?
Appical is a simple and effective platform to onboard and retain your employees. Our SaaS solution allows you to easily create interactive onboarding experiences. This content can directly be shared with your new hires via the web player or app. It’s not only quick and fun, but also a way to boost engagement with your new hires.

You are able to create different content chapters with text, images, quizzes, polls, and feedback moments. Share the right information, at the right time with the time-based unlocking feature. The platform also provides you with the data you need to make better decisions.

Our team of experts will help you create a personalised onboarding journey and guide you through the process. They will do this based on their experiences with 360+ clients, present in 140+ countries.


Why work with Appical?
• 10 years of expertise in the field of onboarding
• Market leader in key verticals
• ISO 27001-certified organisation
• Fully customizable and user-friendly platform
• Proven Scalable Solution
• Native iOS & Android app and web-player
• Easy to integrate


Integration Appical & SmartRecruiters
Don’t worry about having yet another tool in place. Appical is now fully integrated into the Smartrecruiters platform. You can offer your candidates a seamless and engaging onboarding experience through Appical, based on a pre-defined trigger in Smartrecruiters. Watch our explainer video to learn more: