Aspiring Minds

Aspiring Minds is one of the world’s leading skill assessment companies and offers pre-hiring assessments and video interviewing solutions to enterprises.

*Aspiring Minds* offer a wide range of assessments which have been used across industries and domains to assess the skills of candidates during and post-hiring process. Aspiring Minds tools are used by 3000+ corporations and over 150 fortune 500 companies globally across Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Business Services, Pharma, Hospitality and Retail. The product portfolio majorly consist of the following : –

*AMCAT* – Language, Cognitive, Personality & Functional Skills Assessments Powered by machine learning (AI), adaptive assessments technology and psychometrics.

*AutoView:* Machine Learning –powered video interview and evaluation tool Powered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) – AutoView is a virtual interview platform that mimics face-to-face interview.

*Automata:* AI-enabled coding available in 20+ programming languages , with a large pre-built Question Bank, it is used to evaluate talent for a wide variety of technology roles.

*SVAR* – AI – powered automated spoken English assessment Powered by machine learning (AI) and speech recognition technology