Improve your productivity, performance, and prosperity by focusing on your most important asset: your employees. From recruitment to retirement, AtmanCo’s psychometric assessments will help you achieve Business Happiness!

Atman’s Psychometric test is a scientifically validated assessment that measures 11 dimensions of personality, with the result of each dimension ranging between two opposite spectrums.

Our detailed reports describe the candidate’s personality in depth, thus allowing you to:

  • Avoid bad hires
  • Better predict the fit according to the job’s requirements
  • Improve the onboarding process
  • Reduce turnover
  • And much more!

Having the right employee in the right job is key to overcoming all of these challenges.

We stand out because candidates only need to complete ONE assessment for you to be able to draw multiple conclusions regarding their personality profile, job-fit, management style, sales skills, etc.

All SmartRecruiters customers can take advantage of our technology and expertise that are already benefiting thousands of companies worldwide. Results are easy to understand and don’t require a PhD to interpret – Get Started with AtmanCo today!