Recruit the best talent through referral.
We take care of everything!

Basile offers companies with more than 200 employees an innovative solution to deploy a powerful referral program to recruit the best talent and develop your employer brand. We are convinced that your employees are your best ambassadors. So, we engage them in your recruitment!

Why choose Basile?

✅ 100% integrated to Smart recruiters: no need to change your work habits!

✅ GDPR compliant: we are GDPR compliant and protect your user rights.

✅ An intelligent and automatic communication device that engages your employees in your referral program

✅Your employees have access to a simple and fun referral portal to refer their network in 1 click.

✅A Basile project manager manages your referral program from start to finish.
1 hour per month: That’s how much time your HR team will spend on your referral program.

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