We are more. So much more than our past job specs or qualifications. More than a company logo, or chic office block. Your skill as an HR recruiter is your creative commitment to finding and attracting the right addition to your team. That’s why our work should be an opportunity to find meaning, to make connections and to grow. Focusing our attention on tomorrow, on who we can become. Discover each other’s true personality, in full color. Start the first step on an exciting career journey together. Cammio is on a mission to connect candidates and employers. To challenge them, by capturing talent in all its facets. To get ahead with video recruitment.

Cammio uses the power of video to connect all the players in the recruitment process. Because life should be fun and fair. And recruitment is no different. There are no roles to play, but a simple opportunity to wow and impress by being yourself. We love being smart and unconventional in the way we collaborate with our clients and partners. So, we created an amazingly simple yet effective set of tools to help talent value talent.

We put the person back at the heart of talent discovery, by embracing video as the new norm in hiring. Video has already become our online language of choice. It helps us connect, engage and match. Cammio advances the power of video throughout the entire talent discovery journey. Delivering a rich, collaborative experience for talent and passion on both sides of the recruitment process.

Discover: Attract & Engage with video
Discover: Select & Assess with video

Boost engagement with video vacancies

Bring color to your pre-selection with video interviews

The power of integrations:

Cammio automated interviews integrated in SmartRecruiters:

  • create a videofied hiring process in one system
  • lead to better matches for your open positions
  • increase hiring velocity
  • engage with a great candidate experience
  • ensure a fair and engaging process
  • are GDPR-proofed

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