Canditech helps hiring teams to avoid expensive mis-hires, and make confident, fast and objective hiring decisions by automatically evaluating both technical and soft skills using video interviews and job-simulation assessments – the best predictor of future job performance.

Our assessments, which also include cognitive and personality tests, allow users to discover candidates’ true potential using a large variety of question types from code, SQL, Excel etc. to open text and video responses. You can choose from over 400 valid and bias-free, ready-to-use assessments from our library, built by industry experts, or create your own from scratch in just a few clicks.

Key features:

1) All-In-One Screening Platform – Assess technical and soft skills, cognitive abilities and personality traits
2) Extensive library of ready-to-use assessments
3) 100% test customization
4) Mass hiring automation tools including video interviews and chatbots
5) Advanced cheating prevention tools, including ChatGPT detection

Benefits of the integration:

1) Shorten time-to-hire by 50%
2) Reduce unnecessary interviews by 80%
3) Provide an amazing candidate experience
4) Reduce chances of expensive mis-hires
5) Increase hiring diversity and eliminate bias