Your candidates are texting.
Now you can join the conversation.       

Start texting candidates to acquire insights and drive decisions faster than ever before. Easily filter out unqualified candidates in order to move more of the right candidates on to the next phase in your interviewing process. Utilize amazing features such as the Questions and Resource Library, Quick Send, Chat Transcripts, In-line Calendar Invites and more to create magical moments for recruiters and candidates.

We created a category as the world’s first text-based interviewing platform. Canvas isn’t just informing candidates of an opportunity or having a casual dialogue, though of course we can do that. We are a purpose-built system to acquire insights from candidates to drive decisions and help recruiters scale in place of the 140-year-old phone call.

How Canvas and SmartRecruiters products works together!

Canvas is focused on leveraging bleeding edge technology (ML, AI, etc.) to create magical moments for recruiters and candidates. The Wall Street Journal (online and print), Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, CNBC, CNN Money, San Francisco Chronicle, and more have all cemented our positioning as the market owner of text-based screening and interviewing.

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