Simplify employee recruitment and onboarding using the Smart Recruiters and CheckWorkRights integration

CheckWorkRights enables efficient and secure collection of right to work status from all employees, as well as ongoing automated VEVO (visa) checks for Foreign Citizens.

From within SR a request for right to work information from an incoming employee is triggered. CWR completes the process directly with your employee, and returns the result back to SR as soon as completed.

CWR assists recruitment teams to manage workplace entitlement:

  • Privacy Act and APP compliant
  • Best practice solution
  • Rapid collection of a declaration of citizenship & evidence to support the declaration made
  • Verification process for documentation provided
  • Real time VEVO checks for foreign citizens

The CWR / SR integration can be used for all staff, (Australian and Foreign citizens), or known visa holders only. It results in faster hiring and onboarding, as well as an improved user experience for both new staff and hiring managers:

  • Robust at scale
  • Efficient to manage for incoming employees / HR teams
  • Automated alerts and Reporting distributed on demand to directly to stakeholders
  • Additional tools are available within CWR app