An award-winning, Top 1%, fully compliant background, drug and health screening solutions provider.

ClearStar offers modern, integrated background, drug, and health screening technology solutions.

ClearStar is a leading HR technology company specializing in background, substance abuse, and occupational health screening services. We tailor domestic and global programs for companies of all sizes. We are a better, easier, faster, and safer option for companies and their candidates.
ClearStar’s security, certifications, and independent audits place us in the top 1% of workforce screening providers. All customer service and operations are 100% U.S.-based. We are a 4x HRO Baker’s Dozen Award Winner for our enterprise workforce screening program.


Automated occupational health services ClearMD

ClearMD Occupational Health Screening allows employers to order drug, clinical, and occupational health checks with a single automated electronic invitation to candidates. This revolutionary new functionality reduces the need for manual intervention by employers and eliminates confusion for candidates.

Assured compliance only from ClearStar

ClearStar’s commitment to compliance minimizes risk for our clients and helps to overcome their most significant challenges.

Seamless transfer of candidate results

ClearStar’s cloud-based platform transfers background, drug testing/alcohol testing results, and occupational health screening results in real time, allowing recruiters to access reports, make decisions, and speed up the hiring process.

All-in-one single pass

Candidates will receive a single pass via text and email to all our services including substance abuse testing and occupational health screening.