Click Boarding

The Click Boarding difference.                

When you experience something great, it can put a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eyes, a hop in your step. This is what we love about HR – HR creates this with an invitation to interview, offering the job, and welcoming new hires on their first day. So why not with onboarding? Now HR has a partner to turn to, to continue that ‘lovin’ feeling’…

At Click Boarding we’ve made it our mission to help HR ensure that every new hire is as happy on their first day as the day they got the job offer. To achieve this, Click Boarding delivers an easier onboarding solution – one that’s a breeze for HR to manage forms compliantly, check off all those onboarding tasks efficiently, and acclimate new hires meaningfully. And that’s only the beginning. Now let’s go capture that job offer moment again, and allow every new hire to carry that great experience with them all the way through week one, and beyond.

Results you can expect.

50% improvement in employee retention
54% increase in new hire productivity
20% growth in manager satisfaction
18% greater achievement of first performance goals

We keep our promise.

You can count on Click Boarding to deliver a dependable onboarding solution that does what you need it to – not what you don’t. To meet your expectations. To have everything you need at your fingertips, and have it all behave the way it should.

Bottom line, it’s gotta be easy, and with Click Boarding it is. We built onboarding to work really well, every time. We don’t over-architect, over-engineer, or over-design. We don’t over-promise, but we do promise easy.


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