Codility helps you hire stronger developers, faster.

Using their online platform, you can source, screen and interview candidates live, seeing their coding skills and challenging them to show off their skills. You’ll save time by quickly identifying which candidates you should interview first – even if you’re not a coder yourself. Codility works seamlessly with SmartRecruiters so your Recruiters can invite candidates to tests and Hiring Managers can review test reports all from within SmartRecruiters, ultimately working together to make the best hires.

  • Create customized tasks, multi-choice questions, design questions or select tasks from our plagiarism-protected Codility library.
  • Host invite-only or public coding challenges, depending on your preferred workflow.
  • Full code playback, scored for correctness and performance, and jump seamlessly into code interviews to dig deeper.
  • Give your candidate the best possible experience, with the ability to use the tools they prefer, and get instant feedback about their code.

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