Culture Matters! No more mismatches with CompanyMatch. Boost your hiring success by adding the missing key ingredient of Company Fit into your pre-hiring process. Engage, quantify & convert applicants into your best aligned hires with our validated pre-hiring assessment. CompanyMatch is fully automated and seamlessly integrated within your ATS SmartRecruiters.

What to expect?
It is not about hiring candidates, it is about hiring the best aligned candidates to grow your teams and company. Improve quality-of-hire, shorten time-to-hire and save up to 35.000 dollars for each prevented mismatch. A hire based on a good person-organisation fit is more productive (>30%), happier and a sustainable hire.

CompanyMatch is the thought leader in assessing Company Fit and supports recruiters and hiring managers of leading and mid-market brands from over 800 companies in sectors like: Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, IT.