ConveyIQ stands out by building a solution focused on solving challenges associated with the entire interview process, not just video solutions. The technology choices and featutti_screenshot-recordedres set are based on its four key principles of collaboration, transparency, standardization and data-driven decision making.

Take the Interview helps organizations optimize their interview process and understand why they make certain key hiring decisions. The Company also provides each organization with a Customer Success Manager who helps with change management, ROI and metrics tracking, on-boarding, training and any needed customization of the software. Rather than creating a one-size- fits-all product, TTI has built its product roadmap around clients’ specific needs.

Take the Interview provides clients the right tools to understand why they make certain hiring decisions so that they can streamline the process and improve overall hiring effectiveness. Each client’s Customer Success Manager provides advice on the appropriate technology solution(s) based on the company’s interviewing strategy and ensures a smooth change management process.

Key benefits

  • Supplement your existing recruiting process without hassle.
  • Integrate digital interviews with SmartRecruiters.
  • Spend more time reviewing candidates and less time switching between applications.

Summarizing,Take the Interview is on-demand video interviewing that is changing the way companies engage and interview talent. Screen and communicate with candidates using advanced video technology to give your recruiting team a holistic view of your candidates – Hit Get Started and learn more today!