Crimcheck is an organization that is committed to protecting your brand. By providing expert, comprehensive and legally compliant background checks we protect your employees and your customers, the two most critiCrimcheckcal people in making a brand a success!

The reality is, with issues such as negligent hiring litigation, product liability lawsuits and workplace violence in the headlines, your brand is a target.

Additional significant factors that impact your profits and reputation such as employee theft and embezzlement, workers compensation fraud or drug use at work create innumerable risks for your company or organizations brand. Our staff of “Real People” is what differentiates us from other background check companies. Crimcheck’s “Applicant Link” system is integrated within SmartRecruiters’ Marketplace and offers the following features:

  1. Applicant data entry: Reduce data entry by allowing the applicant to complete their own online authorization form. Simply click a button inside SmartRecruiters to request a screening and we do the rest.
  2. Applicant document e-signing: Crimcheck collects the necessary e-signed documents to complete the check from the applicant in one simple process. From the summary of rights, to the background authorization form, to other state specific requirements depending on the location of the applicant.
  3. Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action management: stay compliant with managed pre-adverse and adverse action letters from Crimcheck. utilizes experienced investigators and customer support specialists who assemble a comprehensive background check, not a packaged criminal database, to give you easy results that fit your company’s specific needs to recruit  the talent your brand deserves.

Want to learn more? Get Started today and you will be contacted by the Crimcheck & SmartRecruiters Marketplace shortly.