Recruiting is about relationships. It’s not about managing the administration to support your relationships. It’s also not about wrestling with calendars and endless diary management. With Cronofy’s powerful scheduling software, wave goodbye to double bookings and scheduling conflicts. Say hello to smoother scheduling that interviewers and candidates love.

Schedule interviews faster – 12x faster. Leverage these time-saving features directly from your SmartRecruiters ATS

  • Send scheduling links from SmartRecruiters
    • Our SmartRecruiters integration and browser extension make it really easy to share scheduling links with candidates. Combine them with our scheduling templates to quickly create bespoke links for your most common interview formats.
  • Multiperson scheduling
    • We sync available slots from connected calendars and support combined availability from multiple interviewers. Candidates just pick a slot. No account creation needed.
  • Easy rescheduling
    • Plans change and any scheduling tool should allow seamless rescheduling, no matter how complex the original meeting was. You can choose whether or not you allow rescheduling on every booking link. 
  • International languages and timezones
    • We live in a connected world and it’s important that your tools speak the language of the people you’re booking with. Cronofy booking links support multiple languages and any timezones that your team and customers are in.
  • Simple and fast implementation
    • Improving efficiency and getting results should take you days, not months. Getting started with us is simple. 
  • Plug-ins for browsers and email tools you already use
    • Schedule direct from your Outlook or Gmail. The Cronofy email add-ins automatically generate links for the people that you’re emailing. So you get complete personalization and customization without double entry.
    • The browser extensions will recognize the contact details from popular business apps like Hubspot and Lever so you can schedule without leaving the tools you use everyday.
  • Privacy-first technology
    • We built Cronofy with security in mind. Users have the power to choose where their data is hosted with our international data centers. 

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Can interviews be rescheduled?

Yes. Both candidates and interviewers can reschedule an interview by tapping the “reschedule” link in their calendar invite. Coordinators can also reschedule events by going to their scheduler dashboard.

Can I mark events as private?

Yes. You can set individual events as private or enforce private events at an organization level. Ideal for situations where privacy and data control is paramount.

Can you support organizations with multiple domains?

Yes. You can invite anyone to join you on Cronofy. Our domain sign-up controls allow you to restrict access to specific email domains. You can also use Enterprise Connect to automatically sync accounts from your domains.

Can you schedule multiple interviews at once?

Yes. You can schedule a sequence of events with one booking link. It’s perfect for latter stages where candidates may have multiple interviews with different stakeholders.

Can you limit the number of interviews per interviewer?

Yes. You can create selection rules to limit the number of interviews each interviewer is assigned. You can also set buffer times before and after to allow interviewers time to prepare and capture feedback afterwards.