CuriousThing AI

Reimagine your recruitment process with Curious Thing!

Our AI digital recruiter will interview your candidates over the phone from anywhere, at any time! With Curious Thing, talent teams can create behavioural interviews and remotely screen their applicants at scale. We analyse candidate responses and deliver insightful data that scores behavioural traits like motivation, business acumen and communication skills. Our technology allows recruiters to access candidates out of hours and make data-driven shortlisting decisions. Our digital recruiter is available across Australia, USA, Philippines, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Singapore.

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Curious Thing transforms the traditional screening interview process and adds strategic value to the hiring process while saving time and money for employers. Built on our deep expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning, our technology benchmarks candidates by assessing what they say, not how they say it.

Now integrated with SmartRecruiters, the primary benefits of the Curious Thing platform are now available to you:

  • Reduce time to hire – Reduce valuable time spent reading resumes. Interview thousands of candidates in less than a day.
  • Remove bias from screening – Screen every candidate for their capability and don’t let inherent human bias cloud your recruiting decisions.
  • Consistent and auditable assessment ​- Reliably assess all candidates who apply for a role. We ensure that the same questions are consistently asked in every interview.
  • Data-driven decision making​ – By going beyond a resume, the data produced after a candidate assessment is easy to understand and reliably creates a benchmark shortlist at a cohort level.
  • IELTS English Assessments​ – Assess candidates for their English proficiency. The English language proficiency score is based on the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) framework and gauges a candidate’s command over English.
  • Flexibility and custom CX​ – The candidate experience (CX) can be shaped to suit every role. This includes white-collar or blue-collar roles, casual hires, ongoing volume hiring, contingent or permanent workforce roles.
  • Data handling and privacy compliance is assured throughout the candidate hiring journey
  • Behavioural insights into candidates skills and suitability for the role make shortlisting easier.
  • Improved transparency of the screening process which ensures candidates remain informed throughout the process. This makes candidates less likely to look elsewhere due to delays.

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