DevSkiller is a developer screening and online interview platform powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology.

Thanks to our methodology, the platform verifies how candidates resolve programming problems, not what they claim they know. Additionally, our research shows that per each hire, DevSkiller customers save on average 21 hours of recruiter time and 12 hours of dev team time.

It’s the only solution on the market that tests developers’ skills in a stack-specific programming environment. Tests used on the platform match the candidate’s future role in the company. They mirror the 1st-day of work experience already in the recruitment process to identify the candidates who will bring the most value to your organization. Task concepts are based on real-life work and first-hand experience of the developers creating the tasks, our Tech Team, and most importantly, our customers (based on their experience and internal needs).

DevSkiller is used by companies from more than 50 countries, including Deloitte, ING, CGI, PayPal, Jet2, Criteo, and Accenture.