EasyHire.me Video Interview Platform           

EasyHire.me is a cloud­based video interview platform that enables the talent management team to conduct consistent, efficient and professional job interviews.

EasyHire.me provides an integrated solution that combines the power of videos, tools, and workflows, along with interview analytics and collaboration, to optimize the hiring process.

It enables efficiently screening more candidates to get a deeper insight into personalities in a standardized way.


1. Bring consistency and accountability

Plan the interviews ahead of time with appropriate questions, evaluation criteria and rating to conduct a consistent interview. Formulate an interview process to evaluate the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for the job. Send an on­demand interview or live video interview by asking the same set of questions to multiple candidates. Review the interview recording with the team to make evidence­based hiring decisions.

2. Eliminate hiring biases and discrimination

Reduce unconscious biases by conducting standardized interviews across all applicants ensuring that every candidate gets a fair chance. Pre­defined interview questions to evaluate the candidates help the interviewers to stay on track during the selection process, eliminating personal biases and discrimination in selecting best candidates.

3. Reduce time to hire, improve quality of hire

Save time on scheduling and conducting individual phone screens. Replace phone screening with on­demand interviews to get more insight into personality and culture fit. Break geo­boundaries to find best candidates by conducting live video interviews with remote candidates. Screen more people in less time. Reduce cost and recruit precisely with EasyHire.me!

4. Superior interview experience

Each candidate receives a personalized interview invitation to take the on­demand interview at any time. EasyHire.me provides superior interview experience for both the interviewer and candidate. No setup or download is required. Calendar integration and interview reminders help the candidate during the interview process.

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