Enboarder seamlessly transitions SmartRecruiter’s candidates into new hires in a fun and highly engaging way

The Enboarder Platform has three main functions

1. Make new hires feel welcome and prepared from the moment they sign their offer letter and eliminate pre-start nerves. Share company culture and create connections before day one.
2. Coach Managers through the onboarding process and assists them to do it more efficiently and engaging. Simplify provisioning requests and those pesky admin tasks.
3. Empower HR teams to create, test and deploy beautiful communications without the need for IT or a creative department.

Once the offer letter has been signed, information will easily flow from the SmartRecruiters software into one of Enboarders workflows. Allowing HR teams to manage and personalize the onboarding experiences based on the new hires role, geographic location and communication style preferences amongst others.

Key Benefits
– Improve candidate and new hire experience
– Improve top talent engagement
– Increased new-hire satisfaction
– Increased staff retention
– Increased employee productivity