Entelo Candidate Search

EnteloThis integration allows to seamlessly export candidates from Entelo Search into SmartRecruiters with a single click. Bring over contact information, employment history and social profile links in just a few clicks

  • Predictive analytics for passive candidates help recruiters focus on candidates who are More Likely To Move™
  • In depth (public) candidate profiles and contact information allow recruiters to send personalized messages directly to a candidate’s inbox
  • Entelo Track gives recruiters world-class tracking & analytics to understand when their messages are hitting the mark
  • Entelo Diversity’s proprietary algorithm helps find candidates with a high probability of meeting race, gender or military experience requirements
  • Export candidates into the SmartRecruiters platform with one click

Enjoy Entelo’s powerful Search scours the web to bring recruiters over 50 million candidates today, click “Get Started” to learn more today!