First Advantage

First Advantage offers broad multilingual capability to address the challenges of an increasingly global workforce. First Advantage has the only single, automated, scalable, and configurable screening platform that works across all of our programs, no matter where your customers are in the world.

FirstAdvantage’s state-of-the-art product carefully packages data in a way that is legally compliant for your geographical location, highlighting what you need to know to take action.

The target customer for First Advantage is an organization looking to gain efficiency in their recruiting process by focusing on hiring qualified candidates so they don’t waste time on unqualified candidates. Our target customer is looking for fast, accurate, mobile-enabled, multi-lingual solutions that work globally and for their entire workforce giving them the information and insight they need to make the best people decisions.


.Ease and Efficiency

  • Streamlined recruiting and screening workflow
  • Access to millions of records from more than 10,000 sources gives power and accountability to make knowledgeable hiring decisions
  • Reduced duplicate entry resulting in increased productivity & less errors
  • Integration does not require any additional customization or development: saving time and money
  • Real-time updates from First Advantage to SmartRecruiters increase visibility and reduces time to hire


Direct Advantage (DA) Ordering Model – this allows customers to capture all required elements needed to conduct screening on candidate population, whether it be for pre-employment or rescreening.

Reduce Time to Hire
Electronically captures candidate information and thus eliminates the need to manage paper by digitizing the collection of information required for screening purposes.

Reduce Errors and Time Delays
Incorporates enhanced data validation features that prevent incomplete or missing information.

Transforms Candidate Experience
Includes professional, branded website that is configurable, multilingual and mobile enabled. Upon annual screening volumes, First Advantage integration fees may apply.

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