Overview: SmartRecruiters & Flare

A free Onboarding & Benefits solution for SmartRecruiters customers in Australia

Improve candidate onboarding efficiency and speed by 85% or greater with Flare Onboarding & Benefits. The solution is completely free for SmartRecruiters customers and can be fully implemented within days.

  • Engage your workforce: Attract and retain more talent with free benefits distributed via a digital wellness platform
  • Protect your business: Stay compliant with the latest reforms and remove the need for payroll teams to touch-sensitive payroll information
  • Operate with speed, efficiency, and accuracy: With real-time validation of bank, tax, and super at the point of onboarding, you can send accurate and consistent data to payroll


Why Flare?


Onboard and place new hires with 85% greater efficiency and speed

Say goodbye to manual paperwork in the new hire onboarding process. Instead, SmartRecruiters customers can automate onboarding administration and focus on employee engagement. You will be able to create & capture documents, licenses, bank, tax and super details digitally by using Flare’s compliant onboarding journey. With a click of a button, you can kick-start a digital candidate registration within your SmartRecruiters platform.

Request a demo to learn how to activate Flare for free: