A Culture Add Assessment that identifies upfront which candidates will
thrive in your company culture.

Hiring is the most critical factor in achieving Culture Success. We help
you hire the right talent based on values alignment coupled with machine
learning to help you drive team effectiveness and allow everyone to thrive.

Fortay works in 4 easy steps:
1. Your people take your culture add assessment (based on your company values)
2. Fortay analyzes culture data and determines your Cultural Fingerprint (Organization down to team level)
3. All candidates take the same Culture Add Assessment upfront (We level the playing field for everyone!)
4. Focus on top aligned talent and hire for Culture Add (not fit!)

Fortay maximizes objectivity and efficiency through a data-driven machine
learning approach. By using the unique cultural insights from your people,
we remove bias, increase predictability increase effectiveness and help
increase diversity of your team. is a people and culture success platform that helps innovative
organizations build strong diverse and effective workplace cultures for
better performance. We’re transforming the hiring process to build the
diverse high performing cultures of tomorrow. Care to join us?

Cost depends on company size and volume. Volume discounting applies.
Please reach out to Fortay to get a quote.