FPES provides a pre-employment service which is designed to assess the physical capabilities and health of potential job candidates before they are hired. Overall, the Pre-Employment Screening Service aims to promote workplace safety, reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries, and ensure that candidates are fit to perform the essential duties of the position they are applying for.

Identifying potential employees who may not be physically capable of safely performing the essential job requirements is paramount to mitigating risks both for the individuals and the business.

Research data from extensive reviews conducted by numerous large organisations has demonstrated a notable reduction in first-year musculoskeletal injury rates following the implementation of our Pre-Employment Screening process. This underscores the efficacy of our approach in fostering a safer and more productive work environment.

Preventing just one workplace injury can yield substantial savings, more than enough to cover the expenses of a pre-employment program for an entire year.

The FPES pre-employment service comprises of three different programs:
1. Medequest – Comprehensive evaluation via a detailed health questionnaire.
2. Advanced Musculoskeletal Assessment – Comprehensive evaluation comprising a detailed health questionnaire and a thorough ‘hands-on’ physical examination.
3. Screen-Safe – In-house pre-employment screening option that includes a detailed health questionnaire and physical examination completed by our clients recruitment team.

Our examinations are conducted by highly trained and accredited Physiotherapists, operating across approximately 600 providers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Overall, the integration of FPES with Smart Recruiters optimizes the hiring process, enhances candidate assessment, and improves workplace safety. It fosters a more efficient, informed, and candidate-centric hiring approach, benefiting both employers and potential employees.