• Gem CRM enables your recruiting team to refine talent acquisition and diversity strategies with analytics, build predictable outcomes in the hiring process through pipeline insights and built-in forecasting, and more effectively engage and nurture top talent with outreach automation. By bringing together your existing recruiting stack (LinkedIn, Email, ATS) in a single platform, you can drive a 5x increase in sourcing productivity, a 2x increase in booked phone screens, and a 20% decrease in time to hire. Watch the demo videos below to see how Gem + SmartRecruiters can help accelerate your acquisition of top talent!

Talent Engagement & Nurture

  • Gem’s browser extension sits on top of your favorite talent sites (LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.) to help
    • Immediately¬†identify if a prospect already exists in your SmartRecruiters instance
    • 1-click parse their information and add them to Gem CRM (and optionally a SmartRecruiters job)
    • Automatically find the best contact information to use for engagement and nurtureEngage and nurture talent through automated email sequences, with built-in rules & intelligence for a great candidate experience
  • Easily organize and manage talent leveraging talent pools, long term nurture projects, and more in Gem CRM
  • Measure your outreach effectiveness with analytics for individual recruiters and recruiting leadership
  • Operationalize your top of funnel diversity strategy with data

Hiring Pipeline Insights

  • A complete end-to-end view of the hiring funnel, from first outreach to hire
  • Optimize passthrough rates and time to hire with the ability to drill down on specific jobs, departments, source types, etc.
  • Proactively forecast the likelihood of hitting hiring targets to leadership
  • Uncover bottlenecks and potential bias in the hiring process for diverse talent
    • Automatically classify Gender & Race / Ethnicity for all candidates (viewable in aggregate analytics)