At Good&Co, we believe that candidate and employee engagement should be a two-way street. We empower both companies to hire for culture fit, reduce churn and increase employee engagement. Our assessment tools are based on decades of research in organizational psychology and psychometric testing, as well as data from over 100+ million questions, answered by more than 3+ million users across 10,000 worldwide companies.

Companies, recruiters, managers, and employees currently use our culture platform to:

  • Uncover team identity – Discover the collective personality of your team and use data-driven insights to work better together.
  • Improve team collaboration – Pinpoint individual social roles, check fit with co-workers and improve communication through learning about team members’ natural strengths and weaknesses.
  • Monitor performance and engagement – Diagnose problems in the team and receive recommendations from our psychometricians for how to take action and increase employee engagement.

Good&Co SmartLists & Personality Guides

Once you’ve selected to use Good&Co, you will be able to see Good&Co’s SmartList for each job opening that you create in SmartRecruiters. This list presents you with the candidates who’ve completed our 3-minute quiz for the role in question and allows you to download a detailed Personality Guide for each of them. Our Personality Guides reveal a candidate’s fit to your role, based on their personality and work styles.

How does the SmartList work?

  • When an applicant applies for a role, and you’ve selected Good&Co assessments, they are automatically sent an invitation to complete a Good&Co personality assessment.
  • Based on the title of the job opening that you’ve created in SmartRecruiters, Good&Co compares all incoming candidates against the most suitable Role Template from our library of over-600 pre-existing job profiles. This template reflects the typical personality traits found in individuals in that particular type of role.
  • Your SmartList automatically populates, showing you candidates ranked based on their fit to the relevant Good&Co Role Template. An individual’s precise level of fit is shown by their FitScore. The list will dynamically update to show the top candidates as more and more complete their Good&Co assessments.

How do I use the SmartList?

The SmartList can be accessed via the Assessments section on the profile page of any candidate for that job.

For each of the candidates in your SmartList, you can download their Good&Co Personality Guide to delve deeper into their personality and work styles and explore how they compare to the Role Template for the job. These valuable insights into candidates’ soft skills equip recruiters to better understand their candidate pool, beyond what is outlined on a resume. The guides even include suggested questions to incorporate into your interview process, based on each candidate’s unique patterns of results.

Would you like to know how to improve your performance within your own teams?

Good&Co Pro provides data-driven insights into team strengths, weaknesses, and individual roles, allowing managers to build happy, productive teams. The companion Teamwork app allows team members to engage and interact with these insights themselves. Additionally, through our Culture Fit Jobs app, employees can discover their personality traits, career strengths and apply for jobs all in one place.

Curious about the quizzes your candidates are taking? Download the Good&Co Culture Fit Jobs app to try for yourself!

For more information on how our platform can help you hire smarter and put culture fit at the forefront of your team, contact