At Good&Co, we believe that employee engagement should be a two-way street. We empower both companies and individuals to increase employee engagement, hire for culture fit and reduce turnover. Our assessment tools are based on decades of organizational and psychometric research, as well as data from over 60 million questions answered by more than 2.5 million users across 10,000 worldwide companies.

Companies, managers and employees currently use our culture platform to:

  • Discover team identity– Learn the collective personality of your team and use data-driven insights to work better, together.
  • Identify individual roles within a team– Pinpoint individual roles and improve workplace communication based on unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Increase team collaboration– Check fit with coworkers and receive recommendations from our psychometricians to diagnose problems, take action and increase employee engagement.

Key Benefits of Good&Co Candidate Reports

Good&Co Candidate Reports provide deep insights on soft skills so recruiters can better understand their candidate pool beyond what is outlined on a resume.
 Additionally, we’ve provided sample interview questions so you can utilize our candidate insights within the interview process.

*Reports are free of charge to SmartRecruiters users.

Curious about the quizzes your candidates are taking?  Download the Good&Co app, and try for yourself!

Would you like to know how to improve your performance within your own teams?

Our latest product, Teamwork, provides data-driven insights into team strengths, weaknesses, and individual roles, allowing managers to build happy, productive teams. Additionally, through our engaging apps, employees can discover their personality type, career strengths and workplace needs all in one place.

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