HackerRankHackerRank is a SaaS platform that helps you source, screen and interview tech candidates by using CodeChallenges. You’ll see exactly what a candidate’s programming skills are and if they’re a good fit for your role, and gives you the crucial insight that resumes simply can’t. As HackerRank is integrated with SmartRecruiters its an effecitve solution that helps companies connect with the world’s best programmers.

  • HackerRank adds a very meaningful step in the interview process to capture information about a candidates technical skills and/or how they approach addressing a challenge at work.
  • Through the SmartRecruiter’s HackerRank integration, companies can now simply add a HackerRank test stage to any interview plan.
  • Everything in one system – all the insights gained from the coding contest or challenge will automatically accessible via SmartRecruiters with all other important candidate information so there’s no need to switch back-and-forth between applications.

As candidates solve more challenges, you will earn points, and move up in the HackerRank Leaderboard and We are building a community of hackers who will be able to discuss problems, learn, compete and collaborate together.

Learn more on show you how to integrate take HackerRank tests into your hiring process to give you even more understanding of a candidates fit and, to help you make better decisions faster.