Harver transforms the way volume hiring is done. We built Harver from the ground up to help large organizations with the exact challenges they face when hiring at scale. Our solution automates and streamlines the recruitment process from “Apply” to “Hired”, turning recruitment data into actionable insights and offering candidates an experience that’s free from bias, fun, and engaging. And as a result, candidates have more control over their application and benefit from a more informative process, while recruiters can make data-driven hiring decisions at scale.

The Harver Platform

Two-Way Matching
Our proprietary two-way matching technology replaces human assessment bias, and provides all the data you need for split-second decision making at scale.

Process Automation
The matching data triggers customizable automation rules that progress candidates through the funnel without manual intervention, enabling automation from ‘Apply’ to ‘Hire’.

Candidate Experience
Our platform enables you to offer customized and fully branded hiring experiences that ‘wow’ every candidate, including videos to showcase the role, team, and/or company culture.

Business Intelligence
When you’re hiring in big numbers, you need big insights. Harver provides an enterprise grade business intelligence suite that shows you every metric and KPI you need to be fully in control.

Features and Benefits

Implement Validated Assessments 
Utilize unbiased, scientifically validated assessments in your selection process and start hiring based on facts. From situational judgment and cognitive ability tests, to personality, culture fit and more – you’ll have the data you need to make the right hiring decisions and eliminate unconscious bias from your recruitment process.

Continuously Improve Your Talent Selection Capabilities 
Our I/O Psychologists & Data Scientists eliminate the guesswork by developing validated measures that will help you identify the best talent for the job. Once you’re up and running, our team will work alongside you to measure impact and study long-term employee success after they’ve been hired using Harver. Our insights on employee outcomes, spanning performance and attrition, are used to continually optimize your custom-tailored matching framework.

Easily Manage High Volumes of Candidates 
Programmatically screen and rank candidates for fast decision making, at scale. We offer flexible automation logic to create cut-offs based on overall results or module-specific scores, which are customizable role by role, thus liberating your recruiters and hiring managers from repetitive tasks to allow focus on higher leverage activities.

Deliver a Uniquely Candidate-Centric Application 
Create a fun, exciting, and mobile-optimized application process to impress candidates from the start. Implement interactive videos to give candidates insight into your company and what it’s like to be a member of the team. You can even share assessment feedback with them afterward to make sure no candidate leaves empty-handed.

Deliver a First-Class User Experience 
Transform your talent acquisition strategy with an on-brand experience your candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers will love. From customized Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) to company videos, Harver provides you with the tools and creative support necessary to deliver a differentiated experience for every stakeholder.

Measure What Matters 
Keep tabs on the big picture with Harver’s analytics suite. Our business intelligence platform includes a complete library of rich and interactive dashboards allowing you to keep track of your KPI’s and drill down on real-time data to gain relevant insights and drive business decisions.

Seamless Integration 
Harver’s robust enterprise integration supports both candidate-centric & recruiter-centric workflows with multi-phase assessment capabilities. Candidates get an uninterrupted experience and you get all your data in one place.

White-Glove Customer Service 
You receive dedicated support every step of the way. Our technical implementations team sets up integrations with your current recruitment tech stack. Our I/O Psychologists work with you from day one to implement Harver and build a process that’s unique to your company. Your dedicated Success Manager helps you get the most out of the solution and see a tangible return on investment. Your candidates get help with any questions they may have during their application process.