Hellohire – Speed Interviews & Hiring Events

Hellohire is a virtual interview and screening platform that helps hire frontline employees in record time with speed interviews and virtual hiring events. It’s a powerful tool for retail, hospitality, contact centers and any high volume recruiting.

Speed interviews are used to meet applicants by inviting them in bulk to a short video interview. Hellohire automates the pre-screening, scheduling and reminders. Recruiters just show up and interview candidates one after another.

Virtual Hiring Events are used to attract and engage new candidates by inviting them to learn about opportunities, meet the team, and interview on the spot.

Hellohire combines screening, scheduling and interviewing into a single experience and while there isn’t an exact category for our product, we fit closely with “Video Interview” and “Interview Scheduling Automation”. If we could create our own category, it would be “Speed Interviews” or “Virtual Hiring Events”.