With Hippolyte-rh, conquer your future talents on social media!

Hippolyte-rh offers you the opportunity to capture the right profiles through targeted campaigns on social media, the largest talent pool in the world, while offering an immersive experience to candidates.

Hippolyte-rh in numbers:

  • +500 clients
  • +2000 campaigns completed
  • +3M sourced candidates

Today, more than 500 companies in France and internationally trust us.

Our expertise: With Hippolyte-rh, go beyond traditional methods of talent acquisition and management. Source new active or passive candidates on social media.

1/ Acquisition: Diversify your distribution channels with customized marketing and advertising campaigns on social media. Offer your talents a unique candidate experience and boost your employer brand.

2/ Pre-qualification: Optimize your time to focus on what matters. Hippolyte-rh takes care of verifying if the applications received are a perfect match for your expectations. Receive only relevant profiles from now on.

3/ Connection: Increase your efficiency and interact directly with talents via instant chat. Hippolyte-rh takes care of connecting you with the candidates. One channel to multiply your meeting opportunities. Hippolyte-rh offers a personalized approach to each of its clients, whether an SME or a CAC 40 company.

Hippolyte-rh integrated into your application system

Our solution interfaces with your ATS to better meet your needs and facilitate candidate tracking. The agility and complementarity of SmartRecruiters and Hippolyte-rh will offer you an optimal experience in recruiting your future talents.