Hire Image

Hire Image, a woman-owned LLC, is a nationally accredited specialist in the field of background screening, drug testing and verification services. Our priority is to provide accurate and timely background screening reports, using our secure platform, thus enabling clients to make well-informed hiring and/or retention decisions. Our exceptional support system, live phone answering, compliance centric focus, and customized reporting is tailored specifically to meet client needs.

Since 2005, Hire Image has provided comprehensive background screening and other investigative services, including criminal searches and civil searches, drug screenings, employment, education, and professional license verifications, motor vehicle records, address and social security number traces, and credit reports.

  • Fast Turnaround Times: Our network of researchers are accurate and fast. We offer real-time results, if available. Most searches are back within 24-48 hours, so you can get the right person in the right job quickly.
  • Compliance Focused: We are accredited by PBSA and require all operational staff to be FCRA-certified. We update you on the changing laws and regulations, so you can focus on your business, knowing we’re focused on ours.
  • US-Based Workforce with Best in Class Support: While we offer global solutions, we do not offshore our services. Our U.S.-based team will answer your calls and emails quickly. Applicants’ data will never be transferred to non-US based service centers.
  • User-Friendly Experience: By integrating, the workflow is streamlined, and the overall applicant experience is enhanced. Our team will support your candidates when they need it the most.
  • Security: Sleep better knowing your data is protected with the masking of personally identifiable information. Our screening system is SOC2 certified and has EI3PA and PCI-DSS certifications.