featured-image-smartrecruiters (1)Imagine being able to send new hires their offers online. Keeping them engaged after they start. Managing their exits with compliance and compassion. 

Welcome to HROnboard, employee onboarding software that fully integrates with SmartRecruiters!

Once you’ve found that perfect candidate and marked them ready to be onboarded, HROnboard:

  • Welcomes the new hire to the organisation in a company-branded portal
  • Completes all the necessary
  • Has pre-built multi-language country packs available with all the required hiring forms for your country (US, UK, India, Australia, New Zealand and more)
  • Invites new hires to connect with your team and culture
  • Creates tasks for both the new hire and your provisioning team to make sure everything is ready for Day 1
  • Sends contracts and offers for internal review

Everything is done online, on any device, instantly. No more waiting for paper forms to be completed or manually keying in employee details!

Now SmartRecruiters Corporate customers can request and activate the integration with HROnboard at the touch of a button, giving you the power to easily onboard your new employees in minutes.

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