*Shortlist, Screen & Rediscover Candidates using A.I.*

Ideal is an intelligent system that complements SmartRecruiters to help you
make data-backed, high-volume talent decisions. Ideal uses artificial
intelligence to analyze rich candidate information such as resumes, chatbot
conversations, assessments and performance data. Ideal engages and
shortlists candidates to increase the quality of hire, and reduce bias.


*Intelligent Screening*

Put screening on cruise control! Combine assessments resume, chatbots and
more to screen candidates with incredible accuracy. Ideal scans and filters
resume, grading every candidate A, B, C or D in real time, all within
SmartRecruiters. Ideal’s software goes beyond simple keyword matches,
identifying the most qualified candidates, instantly.

*Intelligent Rediscovery*

Uncover your existing talent using AI. Ideal rediscovers past candidates in
real-time the second you publish a new job req! Screen prior candidates
(silver medalists) the minute a job req is created. Automatically engage
qualified applicants via chatbot and add them to new job reqs.

*Intelligent Chatbot*

Ask candidates additional questions which feed into their overall grade.
Answers are collected over time to become more accurate and
predictive. Candidates are automatically contacted via SMS after they
apply. Based on their answers they are graded or regraded an A, B, C, D or F.

*Intelligent Automation*

Based on a candidate’s grade, Ideal automatically changes a candidate’s
stage in SmartRecruiters and kicks off other integrations such as
assessments and interview scheduling. Examples include third-party video
interview platforms, interview scheduling, and psychometric assessments.


*Improve Quality of Hire*

Ideal trains itself on objective performance data to improve the quality of
hire metrics like attrition and turnover.

*Improve Candidate Experience*

Give your candidate experience an instant upgrade! Reduce applicant wait
times and keep candidates engaged by getting back to them faster via

*Remove Bias, Increase Diversity*

Remove conscious and unconscious hiring bias – make every recruiting
decision-based on merit.

*Reduce Response Time*

Ideal shortlists candidates in realtime to ensure you reach the best
candidates as soon as possible.

Ideal Data Sheet