Use AI to know exactly who to interview, instantly.

Ideal uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate time-consuming recruiting tasks and quickly move top candidates through the recruiting funnel – all within the SmartRecruiters platform.

The Problem:

  • Overwhelmed with applicants, employers report that over 65% of their resumes go untouched.
  • Employers are sitting on a gold mine of thousands of previous candidates within their ATS, but are unable to re-engage them for new requisitions.
  • Candidate outreach is tedious and extremely time-consuming.

Ideal’s Recruitment Automation Solution:

  • Ideal’s AI ensures that every single resume is screened and graded without bias.
  • Ideal can also update, screen and shortlist previous applicants. Employers can rediscover talent and triple their qualified applicants.
  • To save recruiters even more time, Ideal can automatically contact top candidates to gauge their interest in the role.


Employers using Ideal’s recruiting software have, on average:

  • Reduced cost per hire by 71%.
  • Tripled their qualified candidates.
  • Increased recruiter productivity by 3.7x.

How It Works:

  • Ideal integrates directly with SmartRecruiters, no new interface and no additional training required.
  • Ideal’s technology goes beyond simple keyword analysis and enriches your existing resume and performance data. Every candidate is graded A, B, C or D.
  • Ideal’s AI technology improves accuracy and precision with every hire, exit and interview.

Ideal allows HR professionals to focus on their most value-adding tasks: interviewing and building incredible teams.

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