iMocha – AI-Powered Digital Skills Assessment

iMocha, an AI-powered digital skills assessment solution, helps enterprises build winning teams. We empower them to thoroughly assess candidates/employees’ skills proficiency with Job-role based assessments and 2,000+ skills including Digital Skills, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Application Development, Aptitude, Banking, & more.

iMocha skills assessment solution is delivered as –

  • Skills Assessment Library
  • AI-powered Platform
  • Skills Assessment Consulting

iMocha is perfect for IT Consulting companies (as well as Financial Services, Engineering, Insurance and Healthcare sector companies with relatively large IT teams) that have assessment needs for trending, job-based, as well as futuristic digital skills. We help these companies address their Tech Recruitment (Lateral, Technical, Functional, and University Hiring) needs with the largest, regularly updated, highly calibrated skills library, and a robust AI-powered platform.

Live Data – Real-time access to candidate test data

Candidate Report – The candidate report gives the performance analysis of the test taken, helping recruitment teams to accurately analyze the skills of the candidates