Interview Mocha

Interview_Mocha_logoInterview Mocha is a pre-employment testing solution for job-based skills assessment in IT skills, Business, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Language, ERP, Design, Development skills and many more.

Our aim is to help Hiring Managers and the Recruitment Teams, with our intelligent screening solutions, so that they can spend time with only relevant candidates. Interview Mocha has ALL that is needed for your pre-hiring assessment needs.

Interview Mocha assessment tools include:

  • 1,000+ ready skill tests
  • Objective Type (MCQ)
  • Subjective Questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Code Evaluator
  • Simulations Based Testing
  • Multi-Competency assessments (combination of above tools in one single test)



We help companies Worldwide to objectively measure skills related to all facets of the hiring process – Technical Skills, Business Skills, Aptitude Skills, Communication Skills, Designing skills, Marketing skills, Sales skills etc. in a single test.

From Management Trainee to Project Manager, Fresh Graduate to Software Developer, Sales associate to Sales Professional we offer a quick solution to get you started on assessing candidates right away.

Our Pre-employment assessments allow for a complete evaluation of a candidate’s skills in all the areas of expertise needed for a specific job profile. These 30 to 60 questions for pre-employment assessments are designed to assess a candidate’s skills, essential practical knowledge for a specific job title.

Partner Difference:

  • We are custom test expert with a large pool of subject matter experts
  • Save billable hours of hiring managers and project teams
  • Reduce administrative hassles, efforts, time and cost in recruitment process
  • Seamless skill testing of candidates
  • One stop recruitment solution as an extension to SmartRecruiters ATS

Want to learn more? Get Started today and you will be contacted by the Interview Mocha & SmartRecruiters Marketplace team shortly.