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Enhance your experience on SMARTRECRUITERS with the Indeed Recruiter Extension, at no additional charge

Install Indeed Recruiter Extension to unlock the power of Indeed on SMARTRECRUITERS
to… ➔ Instantly contact active Indeed job seekers matched to your SMARTRECRUITERS job posts ➔ Create more competitive job posts on SMARTRECRUITERS by leveraging Indeed hiring market data ➔ Check if your SMARTRECRUITERS job is visible on Indeed
➔ Stay up to date on candidate messages or notifications from Indeed

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Feature details

Features available when using SMARTRECRUITERS

Hiring insights – job creation assistance to help you use our hiring market data to make your job descriptions more competitive*
● Instantly view what the talent market insights are for any of your jobs which can help your recruiters become talent market experts.
● Create a winning strategy for your job by easily accessing market salary at no additional cost.

Recommended candidates to help you quickly view and find job seekers whose resumes on Indeed are a match for the job your recruiters are managing Instantly view and see snippets of and click to view more or redirect to Indeed to reach out to them
● Go immediately to Indeed Resume to see your shortlist of job seekers to kickstart your hiring process

Other features of Indeed Recruiter Extension

Candidate Messaging helps you stay in touch with your Indeed candidates from your Chrome browser. With Indeed Recruiter Extension, you can stay updated on new messages from your Indeed candidates.
● Instantly receive alerts for candidate messages and click to take action

Notifications from Indeed are real-time updates in your Chrome browser that alert you of actions within your Indeed account. With Indeed Recruiter Extension, you can always have a light alert of all your new notifications and easily click to take action. These notifications can alert you of:
● Important updates regarding your posted jobs
● Upcoming calls and reminders of your Indeed interviews

Schedule Indeed Interviews – a tool designed for virtual interviews, directly from your Google Calendar.
● With Indeed Recruiter Extension, recruiters and hiring managers can quickly schedule virtual interviews with candidates

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