This innovative recruitment solution will help you attract the very top talent.’s unique attraction model enables employers to unlock both active and passive candidates, and will only charge you when a candidate is successfully placed in your organization. The automated recruitment platform offers a fresh approach to hiring, combining advanced Artificial Intelligence matching, dedicated teams of Recruiters that offer extra hiring expertise, and candidate rewards that are paid on a Visa Prepaid Reward Card, meaning employers can more effectively and efficiently attract, hire and retain to top talent by using

How it works:
  • You post your open roles to through SmartRecruiters at no cost
  •’s attraction model and advanced AI matching help find and assess quality candidates and deliver these to you.
  • When your new employee starts, will charge a 7% fee based on the candidate’s annual salary.
  • When the candidate has been in employment for over 90 days, they will be rewarded by with 5% of their annual salary on a branded Visa Prepaid Reward Card.