JobAdX shares SmartRecruiters’ mission of improving the candidate experience and increasing efficiency. Our smarter programmatic platform & marketplace utilizes a proprietary approach to maximize job advertising budgets in real time, and optimizes the candidate experience by evaluating click behavior and candidate profiles to deliver the most relevant, targeted, and unique jobs to native ad units.

JobAdx can help you with:

– Job Advertising Budget Optimization
– Improved Candidate Targeting & Tracking for better user experience
– Minimizes Repeat Applicants
– Increases Revenue
– Simple Integration
– Real-time Analytics
– No-risk pay-for-performance approach

Our solution:

– Real-time Dynamic Bidding ensure the best jobs are presented for the lowest bid for the slot, maximizing job advertising budget
– Jobs are delivered to designated native job ad units for a seamless user experience
– Candidate click habits, job preferences, and keyword searches are analyzed and the most relevant jobs are delivered
– When candidates bypass a job a set number of times or has already applied, we take it out of the delivery, improving their search and saving you money
– The improved experience increases conversation rates and translates to greater revenue for you
– Our scalable revenue-share model is competitive so we do well when you do well.
– One-time integration is simple to set up and will update with new jobs in real-time!

The Key benefits are:

– Modern job advertising made simple
– Easy integration for publishing partners
– Improved candidate experience fosters customer loyalty to your job board
– Improved job targeting delivers more relevant jobs to qualified candidates
– Real-time bidding takes the work out of securing ad space while optimizing ad bugets
– Translates to greater efficiency and increased revenue for clients