LocalSolo Freelance

LocalSolo is a curated network of 25,000 top local freelancers in major market cities. Your customers will benefit greatly from exposure and access to our talent if they are posting contract jobs in the following Functions:

Advertising, Art/Creative, Consulting, Design, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Product Management, Project Management, Strategy/Planning, Writing/Editing

Finding the top freelancers and independent contractors in major market cities is time-consuming and expensive. – They are typically found only through word of mouth referrals, expensive staffing agencies or time-consuming research. LocalSolo solves this problem with access to a curated network of over 25,000 top freelancers in major market cities.

  • Directly recruit from a vetted and ranked talent base of local freelancers and independent contractors.
  • Unlike most freelance websites that focus on low-quality offshore talent, we focus on high-quality local talent with corporate experience.
  • Companies get quality targeted applicants instead of huge quantities of unqualified applicants.

LocalSolo exists to bring great companies together with the top freelancers and independent contractors in major market cities. Integration with SmartRecruiters will help this mission by connecting LocalSolo’s curated talent-base to your customers.