Okta’s single sign-on (SSO) provides your end users a simple single-pane to login to hundreds of pre-integrated cloud services and SaaS apps like, Google AppOktas, WebEx, SmartRecruiters and Moreover, Okta integrates tightly with Active Directory so that administrators can get started in under an hour and aren’t forced to create a new directory infrastructure for the cloud.

SSO is delivered via SAML or Okta’s own Secure Web Authentication (SWA) technology that enables integration with any web application. Okta even integrates custom-built internal web apps at no additional cost.

No install fees, no startup fees, no integration costs… just one low monthly per-user subscription that also enables administrators to:

  • Provide SSO with delegated AD authentication – just use your windows network password
  • Automatically provision/de-provision users & apps by AD security group
  • Incrementally roll out new applications or deploy en masse
  • Demonstrate compliance through usage auditing
  • Increase application ROI with seat-utilization reporting

Add SmartRecruiters to Okta’s SSO process with a simple, self-service SSO and user provisioning setup. Increase security and employee productivity by centralizing identity management.