One Model

Recruiting Analytics

One Model provides a comprehensive suite of recruiting analytics directly from SmartRecruiters to measure all aspects of the recruiting process. Use our out-of the-box metrics, analytics, and dashboards or create your own as you need to. We provide a full platform for delivering more information, measurement, and accountability from the Talent Acquisition team.

Get Even More Out of Your SmartRecruiters ATS

Our SmartRecruiters customers use One Model to visualize and highlight proper usage of the ATS by recruiters and provide everyone with the information they need on how they are being measured. This act alone has lead recruiters to use SmartRecruiters more effectively by ensuring each candidate is moved through the correct statuses so that measurement can be performed correctly for their own numbers and in aggregate for the entire team.

Turn Your HR Analytics into Answers

When you are ready to move beyond recruiting, One Model can accept data from any HR system and integrate it together for a holistic people analytics function. Move beyond measuring recruiting efficiency and measure the effectiveness of how well hired employees are performing, such as:

– Are we sourcing better employees through specific channels?
– Do people stay longer as part of an onboarding program?
– Do certain recruiters hire better people for certain positions?

If you want all of your people data in on place, secure, and ready for collaboration with your teams, look no further.

One Model Key Benefits

– Obtain full visibility into the recruiting pipeline and efficiency
– Custom statuses all available
– Get out of the box metrics, dashboards, and ready-for-use content
– Create your own strategic metrics, and dashboards
– Share with the whole team to highlight team efficiency and improvement
– Expand beyond the ATS to all other HR data sets.