Orgnostic connects all HR data in one people analytics platform and uncovers the insights recruiters need to optimize their work — and measure the success of their talent acquisition initiatives.

Working directly in SmartRecruiters, the Talent Acquisition team gets instant access to recruiting analytics, including a variety of out-of-the-box metrics and contextualized dashboards — as well as access to Orgnostic’s generative AI capabilities. This way, recruiters can ask a question in natural language and instantly get contextual metrics, visuals, and reports they can share with all stakeholders in a single click.

How Talent Acquisition team benefits from Orgnostic

– Ask questions in plain English and get contextualized metrics, dashboards, and reports
– Get timely insights into how to improve the candidate experience and journey across stages — and optimize the experience in real-time
– Get out-of-the-box metrics, dashboard, and visualizations, including hiring bottlenecks, top hiring sources, quality of hire, offer acceptance rate
– Create custom dashboards, metrics, and reports — and share with stakeholders in a single click

How Talent Acquisition team benefits from Orgnostic and Smart Recruiters integration:

– Get insights about the progress towards the hiring plan and candidate experience throughout the hiring process.
– Enable automatic surveys and collect feedback from candidates about their experience.
– Learn if you are growing as fast as possible by understanding the quality of hires and the percentage of replacement hires in your total hiring.
– Get an overview of data health to save time cleaning data. Get notified about specific fields where you are missing data or where the data is incorrect.