Did you know the cost of making a bad hire could be up to 150% of the salary for that role to re-hire?

Take your recruitment and selection program from “gut feelings” to data-driven with PAN – Performance Assessment Network.

We’re the industry’s leading provider of talent measurement solutions – hire, develop and retain the right people with PAN.

Our catalog of hand-picked and scientifically-backed talent assessments aids practitioners in improving their recruitment and selection programs. By incorporating personality, cognitive ability, and/or skills assessments, you can:

  • Be more efficient: Interview only the most qualified candidates based on their test scores.
  • Reduce turnover: Better understand and assess candidates to make the right hire.
  • Increase legal defensibility: Provide candidates with a fair, standardized process.
  • Maintain your culture: Measure candidates to ensure fit on their team and at your organization.
  • Create a development roadmap: On day one you’re equipped with candidates’ possible weaknesses.

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NoteNeed additional help in building an assessment and talent measurement program? Don’t see the type of assessment you’re looking for within the marketplace? Please contact us with your questions via SmartRecruiters Support or your Account manager.