Confidently invest in people! Pera is a groundbreaking neurolinguistic tool that analyses and maps people’s unique competencies, like a fingerprint. The results are compared to 5.5 million fingerprints of professionals worldwide to provide an accurate prediction of a candidate’s future potential. It substantially reduces the chance of mishires, increases diversity and efficiency.

How does it work?

Job applicants fill out a simple, 3-question digital interview. Two reports are generated in minutes: a competency assessment for the recruiter and a personal report for the applicant.

Because of its simplicity, speed and accuracy, Pera allows for large-scale, high-quality assessment, as well as more detailed talent selection.

Diverse, Equal and Inclusive by design

The Pera algorithm looks how people write, not what they write. It simply has no opinion or bias, and disregards education, experience or ethnical background by default. By doing so, it opens up a world of talent formerly disregarded.

The smart solution

Pera focuses on how people will perform in their next job, regardless of background. It substantially reduces the chance of mishires, and the immense costs that come with it.