Psychometra assessments are built using Item Response The
ory, which means that each candidate gets a unique testing session. Our test selects questions for the purpose of maximizing the precision of the assessment based on what is known about the candidate from previous questions. The difficulty of the assessment is tailored to candidates’ level of ability. It drastically decreases the number of cheating candidates, and allows the employer to get a high quality of evaluation.

In summary, the Psychometra assessments solution:

  • Allows to classify candidates for jobs without clear job description or for which the scope may vary fast depending of the company needs
  • Gives an additional interesting insight to segment large groups of candidates who seems to be similar from a resume point of view
  • Decreases risks of hiring the wrong profile when regular trainings and ability to learn are key parts of the work
  • Ensures candidates are treated with the same consideration and are judge on a language free assessment
  • Aims to fight against classical bias correlated generated by non objective assessments.

Key benefits of Psychometra if you decide to use Psychometra online assessments solution:

  • Get a tool to identify and select the individuals that exhibit qualities that can make them most likely to be successful when hired, so reduce the risk of taking bad hiring decisions
  • Be able to get a complete assessment of your prospective employees’ problem-solving capabilities
  • Your organization will be given a competitive advantage as you will be able to identify highly talented candidates whose skills not only will match your job requirements but will also exhibit capabilities that can make them top performers
  • You will get a easy to share report on each candidate, summarizing their abilities in one simple letter from A+ to D. (However, you still receive the z-scores, percentiles and all the detailed technical information about the testing session)

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