pymetrics recommends candidates to employers by utilizing siimagepymetrics 2milar technology to what powers recommendations on Amazon or Netflix. Using games sourced directly from neuroscience research to assess candidates, in conjunction with big data and machine learning, we’re able to improve efficiency, retention and diversity.

pymetrics helps companies with the following challenges:

  • Inefficient and subjective hiring processes, often require 150 applicants to yield 1 hire
  • Limited predictability within the hiring process, 30-50% of hires fail within their 1st year
  • Biased hiring processes resulting in reduced diversity and increased compliance risk

While most existing assessments rely on self-reported psychometric data, pymetrics uses objectively collected behavioral data points leading to more robust and accurate results. Additionally, pymetrics has effectively removed bias from their algorithms, leading to improvements in both efficiency and diversity.

Join in the democratization and diversification of the hiring process, get started with pymetrics today!