Maximize agency value while minimizing agency spend.

RecruitiFi is your all-in-one solution for efficiently managing agencies for direct hires and contract workforce. Transform your existing agency process by consolidating agency contracts, billing, communications, and candidates into a single streamlined platform.

Improve your quality of hire, and reduce costs through RecruitiFi’s curated community of agencies, who provide top candidates at below-market fees. Identify new pools of talent that your existing recruiting processes don’t currently reach.

There is no cost to use RecruitiFi’s agency management portal through SmartRecruiters, as the platform is entirely vendor-paid.


  • Agency Management
    • Manage your existing agency relationships more efficiently
    • Eliminate the hassle of unqualified agencies soliciting your business, while getting value out of the qualified ones
  • Vendor Consolidation
    • All agency communication can be handled directly from SmartRecruiters
    • All agencies work on a single set of terms – Billing from a single vendors
    • Instantaneous, 100% full refunds on candidates that do not pass the guarantee period
  • Scoring and Reporting
    • In-depth reporting on spend, quality of candidates, agency performance, internal team performance, time-to-hire, savings, and more
    • Agencies are subjectively scored by your team and their candidates
    • Agencies are objectively scored by their success and the performance of their candidates


Save Time

Eliminate inefficient agency processes to save your team time and increase your recruiting velocity. RecruitiFi puts an end to time consuming agency sourcing, vetting, negotiating, contracting, and performance evaluations. Inline communications tools integrated directly into SmartRecruiters allow you to quickly converse about roles and candidates without leaving your ATS.

Gain Control and Visibility

Real-time reporting provides transparency into your global spend across all divisions and cost centers. 360-degree scoring of agencies, candidates, and your internal team allows for valuable insights into the performance of your agencies, and provides quantifiable data to help improve internal workflows.

Save Money

RecruitiFi’s curated community of expert agencies fills roughly 50% of all roles on the platform at significant discounts to the average agency rates. Visibility into the roles going to agencies allows companies to eliminate unnecessary spend by filling more roles in-house. Companies typically save 20-30% over prior year’s spend.

Improve Candidate Quality & Diversity

The RecruitiFi community of agencies taps into new pools of top talent, bringing you a slate of qualified, diverse candidates that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.