screenshot1Saberr is the first assessment provider to look at both the future colleagues and candidate. This helps us forecast candidate’s relationships and gives customers unique insight into likely fit issues. These can then be addressed during interview stages, or extra comfort gained from a high score.

By partnering with SmartRecruiters we would offer our team analytics in the best place – when bringing new hires in. How it works?

  • From the job in SmartRecruiters, the Assessment workflow will be triggered
  • The candidate is automatically sent a link to complete the Saberr survey
  • Saberr asks for email addresses of key future employees for the given role, such as a manager, important teammates and other stakeholders
  • Saberr automatically sends them a link to also complete a similar survey
  • Once both the candidate and potential future colleagues have completed the survey we automatically produce a report showing the forecast quality of each relationship.

Key benefits:

  • Forecast candidate’s team fit with specific people: Get extra confidence and minimise turnover related to poor relationships.
  • Know which people to include in informal interviews, either to sell the role in case of high scores, or to probe fit in case of poorer ones.
  • Finally understand candidate’s fit to role using Big 5

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