Companies choose SmartRecruiters for A+ Candidate Experience, and Sapling for A+ Employee Experience. Sapling is the market leading onboarding solution, combining both the tactical and strategic elements of employee onboarding in one platform. Sapling helps to:

  • Seamlessly connect HR Technologies (including ATS, HRIS and Payroll) with 10x more data than a straight ATS<>HRIS integration, eliminating manual data entry + spreadsheets.
  • Automate and streamline onboarding administration (electronic form signing + checklists) while supporting the maximum return on investment of new-hires by accelerating time to productivity with 30/60/90 day goals.

Sapling is an employee onboarding platform enabling talent-focused companies to run technology-enabled and data-driven onboarding programs. With Sapling, you can automate new hire admin (electronic form signing + checklists) while supporting the maximum return on investment of new hires by accelerating time to peak performance with 30/60/90 day goals.

  • Push hired candidate information automatically from SmartRecruiters into Sapling to populate a new employee profile. No more spreadsheets or manual data entry required!
  • Assign paperwork, welcome the new hire, initiate team and role onboarding through a company-branded new hire portal,
  • Automate onboarding workflows, account provisioning, triggered notifications, and reminders across multiple departments, locations and stakeholders,
  • Empower managers to ramp up new hires with 30-60-90 day onboarding roadmaps.

If you’re already using SmartRecruiters and Sapling for onboarding, you’ll know that with the joy of every new hire comes the drag of data entry. This new integration fixes that.

Connect your SmartRecruiters account to Sapling with a one-click integration, and an employee profile is created automatically in Sapling as soon as a candidate is moved to the ‘Hired’ stage in SmartRecruiters. Once the information is transferred, you can start making your new employee feel right at home!